Layer cakes 30 – 40 Euro Cakes 20 – 30 Euro Balls 10 Stück 25 Euro Puddings 10 Euro for a large glass* Chocolate pralines 2,50 Euro each

A range of flavours available:

Chocolate Vanilla Poppy seed Coffee Coconut Red berries Lemon / Orange/ Passion fruit Banana Mint Hazelnut / Almond / Cashew


80 Falafels 55 Euro 80 Curry ball 40 Euro Various spreads 5 - 8 Euro for a large glass* Various vegan ‘cheeses’ (e.g. ‘Mozzarella’, ‘Parmesan’, with herbs) 5 - 20 Euro Bread / Savoury wafers / Tomato crackers 1,50 - 2,50 Euro per piece Various salads 5 Euro

* 720 ml glass

Further offers from the Candlelit dinner / Retreat menus available.


Fresh juices 5 Euro per bottle* Various smoothies 8 Euro per bottle* Kefir drink 3 Euro per bottle* Kombucha 3 Euro per bottle* Water from La Palma, with lemon / ginger, orange / cinnamon or cold extracts of blossoms / herbs 2 Euro per bottle

* Comes in 1 litre Bottle

Ingredients vary depending on local and seasonal availability.

All prices may vary depending on the size of the order and on the timetable of the team.

FFor festive occasions such as birthdays, weddings and retirement parties.
Ideal gift idea, vouchers available.
For individual retreats and group retreats.

Packing and unpacking 20 Euro.
Delivery 20 Euro, depending on quantity / location.
Recyclable tableware can also be delivered for an extra price.

We also offer allover catering for 40 people, including a selection of sweet and savoury foods, drinks, delivery, unpacking and food arrangement for €400.