I was born on the 20/02/1981 in Mecklenburg, Germany, where I completed an apprenticeship as an office administrator, as well as earning a diploma in Business. I worked for some time in the sector and did voluntary office and administration work in various cultural societies.

During my university days I frequently fasted while studying, as I realised that my mind was much clearer and more focused. Before and after fasts, I often spent days and weeks eating mainly raw food, making me feel healthier and much more vital. Even then I wished to live completely as a raw vegan, however I found it too much of a challenge at the time, due to my environment and the social pressure surrounding.

I then became a mother, and started to inform myself about suitable raw food diets during pregnancy and for children, it was then that I read my first books on the subject. I wished to raise my child on raw food only, though the idea was criticised. I decided to compromise, and he enjoys raw as well as cooked food.

When we started to travel I met more and more raw vegans, some of whom also had children. The warm weather where we overwintered helped me to sustain an easy, raw vegan lifestyle. Meeting others on the same path filled my heart with happiness.

We eventually moved to La Palma, a perfect paradise to simply live, connected with nature, and of course, with lots of raw food. I worked for many years in an organic and vegetarian café and on the side started to cater for retreats with vegan and raw meals. Here I developed my raw vegan candlelit dinners and I still happily deliver raw cakes, tarts, bread and much, much more to friends and acquaintances.

I believe that anybody who has lived for a long time as a raw vegan knows that it’s the ideal way to eat, holistic and good for the environment, allowing lots of peace and love to sprout up all around us.

My whole life I have looked for a way to express my creativity, and had never found the right outlet, until I finally started designing and preparing my raw food creations.

A few years ago, I tested out the light process for myself, without eating or drinking, and am still fascinated by it. I hope to one day live from light, as does my guru, Elitom, living on prana only.