Choose your favourites and combine from 3 to 5 dishes:

In-season Fruit Salad Spicy Paprika Soup Rice* in Curry Sauce Vanilla Coconut kiss Banana and / or Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Sauerkraut with Bread and Cheese* Arabic Orange Soup Falafel* in Black Sesame Sauce Mocha Cream Carrot and Nut Cake

„Egg“ Salad* with Mustard Sauce Almond-Garlic Cream Spaghetti* in Cheese Sauce or Tomato Sauce Poppy Seed Cream with Berry ToppingChocolate Mousse

* made of vegetables and / or sunflower seeds

It is also possible to ask for a surprise menu.

All creations are vegan, raw, organic, seasonal and from local sources as much as possible.

Exchange energeticly

3 dishes 120 Euro
4 dishes 140 Euro
5 dishes 160 Euro

Included in this price are some pleasent suprises for this special evening.

Perfect as a voucher for weddings, birthdays or for special days in between.