I would like to thank Marion and Jens, as well as Jen, who always inspire me and keep me on my path.

And I would especially like to thank my son, Oscar, through whom my commitment to raw food manifested and integrated itself into my life. I learnt a lot about food combining and the quality of a fresh diet. He always brought me back into the garden and connected me with the wild herbs around us.

I thank my parents who have provided for me, leading to the happy life I live now, as well as my sisters for their loyalty and patience.

I thank all my heart brothers and sisters in La Palma, all of whom I unfortunately cannot mention here, for this homely feeling here and all the healing times together.

I also especially thank Shaktima, Katharina and Jana Gabriela, who always trusted me, gave me words of courage and freed me from my self-doubt, even if sometimes it still can resurface.

Also thank you especially to Ines Bernier for the great work together with pictures and videos, and for her passion and creativity.

Many thanks to Hardy for his flexibility and to set up this weg page.

Many thanks to Amelia and Mora for the translation work in English.

Many thanks to Jasmin, Janida und Lola for being so available for the translation work, and their patience with my Spanish learning.